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Rami: Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Rami is one of the most fascinating and entertaining brain toys we have seen in quite some time. Somewhat reminiscent of handheld ball-in-maze games, Rami's magic lies in the way in which the path of each ball's descent is determined by the manipulation of a series of levers. Each ball encounters 4 consecutive junctions on its way down, with a separate lever at each junction that controls which of two branches the ball will take at that point in its journey. With each ball dropped, levers must be repositioned in order to guide the ball to its intended destination box (numbered 1 through 15). Selecting the correct lever positions is a remarkably fun process in which logic and reasoning reign supreme, not surprising given that Rami was designed to reflect the principles of computer coding! Each lever's dual positions are labeled 0 and 1, (binary numbers, the foundation of all computer logic), enabling youngsters to create simple programs and sequences geared towards achieving the desired end results!