Quercetti at the "G! come giocare" fair | Quercetti


Quercetti at the "G! come giocare" fair

Over 130 square metres covered with Quercetti toys will be waiting for children and adults alike at Fieramilanocity, from 17 to 19 November, for the 2017 edition of “G! come Giocare”, the international toy fair.
For 3 days, the Quercetti stand will be a “toyland”, where children and their parents can play,experimentar, build, connect and colour, with many creative toys, made in Italy by the company from Piedmont.
There will be works of art to create with thousands of coloured pegs, a 15-metre marble track for exciting races, as well as new wooden toys to stimulate the imagination of smaller children. Not to mention gears, magnetic letters and costructions.
Among the new products for the 2017 edition, there will be the wooden toys of the Gioca Wood series. These toys feature an intentionally destructured way of playing, in order to encourage children’s creatività and freedom, while excercising sensory skills, thanks to its stimulating material and unique design. These wood toys are FSC certified and 100% Made in Italy, as are all Quercetti toys.
Another new toy is Cuboga, a mega marble track with cubes. The marbles run along the flat track and can even go uphill, thanks to the internal design of the cubes, which push them forward and magically increase their speed. Then there’s the new Skyrail with double tracks for exciting two-way races, and many new toys featuring the popular cartoon Cars 3.
Of course there will be lots of pegs, of all colours and sizes. Wonderful pictures made up of pegs will adorn the walls, showing how these simple elements can be used to reproduce works of art, portraits, photos and landscapes. There will  be a workshop area for Pixel Art activities, where old and young alike can take part and create a mega picture using pegs.
The Quercetti play area will be open the whole time, and will have small tables where children can play together with their parents.