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Der Spielmacher

'Pixel Art" von Quercetti, die Serie für Erwachsene. Die 'Pixel' bestehen aus analogen Kunststoff-Stecknadeln

Kleine, bunte Plastiknadeln bescheren dem Turiner Elektroingenieur Stefano Quercetti gerade den Geschäftserfolg seines Lebens.

Dabei lockte es den 55-jährigen nach dem Studium zuerst nach Genf zu den Teilchenbeschleunigern des Cern, wo er in theoretischer Physik und Mathematik seinen Berufstraum sah. Aber dann trat der Ingenieur Quercetti doch die Nachfolge in der väterlichen Spielzeugfabrik an. 


Innovative toys are Made in Italy

Almost all Italians have played with the Chiodini (“little nails”) at least once during their childhood. Chiodini consist in small plastic pieces to be nailed on a white grid to create images: a simple concept, which has entertained generations of toddlers enabling them to express freely their creativity. Such toys are the main product of Quercetti, a factory initiated by the founder Alessandro Quercetti in 1950 near Turin.


Isotta Discovery Car – An Italian Gem

The “Isotta Discovery Car” is a nine piece plastic car that shows the inner workings of the pistons, gears and even the differential. But first a little history, back in the early 1900s, Cesare Isotta and Vincenzo Fraschini (both Italians), began producing a super luxury automobile designed primarily for the extremely wealthy buyer. In fact, it is said that no two were alike. Although the Isotta never became a success, Quercetti has used that great automobile name to present this plastic car for kids.


Stefano Quercetti

How did the passion for toy manufacture start in the Quercetti’s family?

By coincidence. The first one was my father, Alessandro Quercetti. At the end of the 40s, on his return home from the Second World War, he had to find a job. By chance he found a job in a toy factory, the Inco Giochi. That job would have changed his life. He found out to have a real passion for toys. He decided to open his own business in 1950.