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Rami: Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Rami is one of the most fascinating and entertaining brain toys we have seen in quite some time. Somewhat reminiscent of handheld ball-in-maze games, Rami's magic lies in the way in which the path of each ball's descent is determined by the manipulation of a series of levers. Each ball encounters 4 consecutive junctions on its way down, with a separate lever at each junction that controls which of two branches the ball will take at that point in its journey.


Oppenheim Gold Seal Award 2004

"Quercetti Skyrail Suspension"

You need a lot of space and a good dose of patience to put this together (an adult is needed) but once you're done, you have a truly amazing structure.
It takes some finessing to keep the marbles on the track, "but that's part of the fun." Not for the "it's got to work right out of the box" crowd. Marked 6 & up, but really, a grown up will be needed from beginning to end.

Age: Later School Years.
Award Year: 2004


Dr. Toy's 10 Best Educational Products 2003; Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products 2003

"Skyrail Suspension" Rails are suspended in mid-air through a series of ties and anchors, just like a real suspension bridge. Watch the marbles race down and around. Rails and some marbles glow in the dark. Physics fun for the beginning engineer! Perfect for demonstrating gravity, speed, inertia, weight and other principles of mechanics and physics. Recommended Age: 4 and up Year: 2003


National Parenting Publication Honors Award 2002 (USA)


Pallino is a multi-award-winner in international competitions for best educational toy of the year; it is still a modern and unparalleled interactive toy that is fun to play with and has a great educational value. You play with a big keyboard and pushbuttons that need to be operated with the correct hand-eye coordination so that each marble reaches the column with the corresponding colour to create lots of different graphic patterns.

Recommended Age: 4 and up
Year: 2002


Concours International du Jouet Educatif (Canada) Winner and Certificate of Excellence 2002

"Geokid Daisy"

Geokid Daisy can be a fun toy for babies and toddlers, giving them their first chance to build towers. You can have your child group or stack by color or shape.

This toy won the Canadian Concours International du Jouet Educatif Certificate of Excellence.

For kids with special needs (including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hypotonia, limb-kinetic apraxia, dyspraxia, and other muscle and movement disorders), these can be a great way for them to experience the fun of stacking towers.

Recommended Age: 1 and up
Year: 2002


London Science Museum Approved 2002

"Constellation" Glow-in-the-dark pegs in 4 sizes to represent the various stars and glittering connectable pegboards to represent the spectacular starry sky of a cristal-clear-night. Children and adults can insert the pegs to reproduce all the constellations following the easy charts and examples shown in the Star Manual included. This great educational activity allows beginner astromers to learn stars’ names, positions, size, zodiac signs, shape of constellations and mythological history associated with each. Recommended Age: 8 and up Year: 2002


Family Life Best Learning Toy of the year (USA) 2001

"Isotta - Discovery Car"

In the Discovery Car all the basic mechanical functions of a car are precisely reproduced. Inside the engine children can see how the pistons and rods move and how they are connected to the gearbox. Children can shift the gears into slow, fast or neutral. The differential transfers the power to the rear tranction wheels and allows them to rotate independently. An ingenious educational toy for children (and parents!) to discover how a real car works.

Recommended Age: 3 and up
Year: 2001


U.S.A. Best Educational Toy 2001

"Constellation" The Constellation System has Glow-in-the Dark pegs in four different sizes to represent the various stars and glittering connectable pegboards to represent the spectacular starry sky on a crystal clear night. Children and adults can insert the pegs to reproduce all the constellations following the charts and easy to follow examples shown in the 48 page Star Manual that is included in the pack.


Sesame Street Parents Magazine Top Toys Guide 2000 (USA); The Lion & Lamb Project Top 20 Selection 2000 (USA)

"Georello 3D"

Sesame Street Parents Magazine awarded 3D Georello as one of the Very Best Toys of 1999 after an examination of 6000 toys and weeks of rigorous testing in schools and homes: as the kids played, their parents and teachers observed and reported their findings to a team of pedagogues and child-psychologists, through questionnaires and discussion groups. 3D Georello gained its place in the Top Toys Guide 2000


European Health Professionals Best Toy Award Winner 1999; European Best Toy Award Winner 1999

"3D Georello"

Health professionals toy award 1999: granted by an European jury of doctors, pediatricians, pedagogues, child-psychologists to our Georello 3D after testing hundreds of different toys in 150 hospitals, doctor offices and schools, with the following motivation: "…its high educational value, richness of content, ability to satisfy intellectual and motor skills of children also in distressed situations".
During the same ceremony our Georello 3D was also awarded Best toy of 1999 in the age group 6-8.


Baby Zone amazing Toy Award 1999 (USA)

"Marble Run"

Marble Run is a fun and exciting construction set that allows to reproduce the layouts pictured on the box or to have fun experimenting with new designs. Interlocking chutes, bridges, rails, columns and spinning wheels can be combined in infinite variations for long lasting fun. Marble Run stimulates reasoning and creativity. All pieces are unbreakable and durable and allow you to build solid and precise structures that will amaze everyone

Recommended Age: 4 and up
Year: 1999


Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner (USA) 1998

"Digicolor" A Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner recognizing “...the highest production standards, universal human values and individual quality that pushes the product a notch above the oyhers”. Digicolors teaches children the basic principles of colors as well as simple mathematical operations. Children learn by shifting levers and guiding marbles to the chosen slots. For example, by shifting the 8 and 4 levers they send a marble into the12 slot. Screen cover and self-timer make the game even more challenging. Recommended Age: 4 and up Year: 1998