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They kids love it. The colors add inventiveness to the configurations

I am a preschool teacher and bought this for the classroom. They kids love it. The colors add inventiveness to the configurations. The pieces are easy enough to fit together but don't fall apart whenever you breathe. We have used it with regular sized marbles and sand. The kids love to see how to put the tubes together and make mazes to find out where the sand or marbles will fall out. They also construct imaginative "castles" and "houses" from them. My only complaint is that I didn't buy 2 or 3 sets while they were on such a great sale!


Great fun for young and old

What a fabulous product! Quercetti always make great quality toys and this one does not disappoint. We purchased this and had it shipped to us in Australia. We hadn't seen this product here but looked it over here on Amazon, saw that it could be shipped here (rare win) and watched the You Tube clip and thought it would be good for our youngest who is two. While we know she is too young for it now, we thought she'd show some interest in it but would grow into it over time. She loves it, we play it with her and she loves 'tracking' where the ball will go.


Kaleido Gears: So much fun!

I bought these for my 3 year old for Christmas this year and he LOVES them! Sometimes he'll get a little frustrated if he can't get the pegs in the holes quick enough or if he can't get one positioned close enough to turn with the others, but he does pretty well and I try to stay near enough to help if needed. I think its a good lesson in patience and trying not to get frustrated when something doesn't work the first time.


A very special Playhouse

Dear sir, madam,

A month ago I bought two sets of kaleido gears, and I was very enthousiastic about it. So I made a playhouse for my son's third birthday. He realy likes to play with the gears. And because I am very proud of this house, I like to send you a picture of it. It may inspires other people to also be creative with your toys.

With kind regards,

Onno Sidler

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I love, love, love Quercetti!!!

I am thrilled with this toy! Quercetti is one of the few toys not made in China or require batteries and it is a toy that can be enjoyed on many levels. I purchased this toy for my 4 year old who is very interested in fine-motor skill and art activities and asks to play with this on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this toy - it is very well made and after daily use for a year, it still looks brand new. My daughter loves the creativity this toy offers and I love how neat it stores when not in use (and the fact that she loves it so much!).