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Great fun for young and old

What a fabulous product! Quercetti always make great quality toys and this one does not disappoint. We purchased this and had it shipped to us in Australia. We hadn't seen this product here but looked it over here on Amazon, saw that it could be shipped here (rare win) and watched the You Tube clip and thought it would be good for our youngest who is two. While we know she is too young for it now, we thought she'd show some interest in it but would grow into it over time. She loves it, we play it with her and she loves 'tracking' where the ball will go. She points out the colour of the ball and then points to where she wants it to go (educational - tick!). The adults and the teenagers are always having a doodle with it too and have had quite a few goes at getting the puzzle right by using the red cover (so the gates in the middle are covered and you have to rely on the numbers on the side). Its not uncommon to hear a "tick tick tick" as its played with on the breakfast table on a weekend by an older member of the family. Listen long enough and you'll hear a hushed 'woohoo' or a 'dammit' followed by a rattle of the game being reset and started again. The Rami is bigger than I thought it would be but its not huge so storage is not an issue. If you're a mum, I'd put this toy into a rotation so it comes out every few weeks/months and your child will enjoy it over a long period of time. Nannas and aunties would make a good investment in this toy as its easy to store, doesn't need batteries (bonus!!!) and would entertain a wide demographic of children who just need something to do while the adults enjoy a cuppa and a catch up.

- Miss Ell

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