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Pallino - A game that we all love.


I bought for my Son and he would play with it for hours at a time. If your child is too young to coordinate the balls themselves I would sit with my Son and one would be the so called "shooter" and the other for the placement of the balls. 2 people can easily play with this.

Adults like it too.
The object is to match the colored balls to the design. There are 12 different designs that you can insert into the machine.
It's great for car travel, as it's self-contained for the most part (just the pattern cards can be loose), fairly quiet (not church quiet, though
I think this is great for fostering creativity, eye-hand coordination, artistic skills (you can make up your own patterns) and I think it helps kids learn patience too. If you make a mistake, you might have to release a column of balls & thus have to do that column all over again, but they soon learn it's not the end of the world.
We love this!
- Hesh
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