I love, love, love Quercetti!!! | Quercetti


I love, love, love Quercetti!!!

I am thrilled with this toy! Quercetti is one of the few toys not made in China or require batteries and it is a toy that can be enjoyed on many levels. I purchased this toy for my 4 year old who is very interested in fine-motor skill and art activities and asks to play with this on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this toy - it is very well made and after daily use for a year, it still looks brand new. My daughter loves the creativity this toy offers and I love how neat it stores when not in use (and the fact that she loves it so much!).

I am sad to see that this toy may not be offered any more - I hope that is not the case! I am on the search for more Quercetti toys - hard to find but well worth it!
- Mr & Mrs. J
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