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Production, logistics, and quality

The factory today covers a surface area of 16.000 sqm, of which 14.000 are assigned to production departments. Average production is 7.000 finished products per day, with peaks in high season of 15.000 pieces per day. In its Turin-based headquarters, Quercetti adopts a production process designed to reduce wastage to the minimum, with regards to energy consumption and raw materials in each phase, also attempting to reuse any excess byproducts as much as possible.

All company printers use a FSC-certified card, made of pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) cellulose and recovered fibers: the offset printing procedure employed uses only inks based on vegetable oil without the use of isopropyl alcohol and is carried out in full respect of the principle of minimum environmental impact. Quality is one of the points of excellence for the Turin company and is expressed in all the aspects of company activity. By means of a raised standard of quality control, all the phases in the production process are checked in order to guarantee that products conform to the most recent and restrictive 2009/48/EC Directive on the safety of toys. Furthermore, before shipment, all finished products undergo internal stress tests so as to check functionality and correct packaging.

Quercetti constantly strives to guarantee safe and non-toxic products via the use of certified materials alone. All products are tested by external certified laboratories, following the highest international health and safety standards: 
EN 71 part 1, 2, 3
and for each product provided, the company provides a Safety Assessment. Another evident choice is that of refusing to produce toy weaponry. This decision comes from the war experience that Alessandro suffered himself taking part in the Second World War as a fighter pilot. Lastly, the use of electricity in toys made by Quercetti is reduced to the bare minimum, in order to guarantee a type of game based on mental interpretation and not on the functions of the electronic mechanism.

[Alberto Quercetti]

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