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The Origins: Alessandro Quercetti

The Origins: Alessandro Quercetti and Inco Giochi

The history of the Quercetti company is deeply tied to the life of his founder, Alessandro Quercetti, born in Recanati in 1920, but already resident in Turin the following year. During his activity as a repair worker at Westinghouse (1934-1939) he discovers a true passion for flight and aeroplane models. This passion will later lead him, in 1937, to distinguish himself in a number of national contests for rubber-powered flying models.

An interesting fact to be noted is that another participant in the same contests and categories is Roberto Giolitto from Turin, who along with his brother Guido, will also found a company building plastic flying toys, known as “Aerogiocattoli Giolitto”, to become quite well known and including products with flattering sales rates, distributed all over Italy.

In 1938 Alessandro acquires his sailing license and will shortly after be called to arms as a junior officer fighter plane and bomber pilot during the Second World War.