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Mach-X and Fireball XL5

1961-1962: Mach-X and Fireball XL5

In 1961 the Mach-X was born, an evolution of the Tor, a missile with such astonishing performance that it has never been reached by any other flying toy. The missile would be launched from a ramp, via two special slings, and when reaching the summit of its flight, a mechanism would open the compartment, freeing both a capsule with a parachute and a parachute for the landing of the missile itself. Although it has no longer been in production for the past 40 years, it is one of the toys that was most loved and is most often remembered by people born in the Sixties.

In 1964 the toy was awarded the prestigious ‘Pinocchio D’Oro’ (Golden Pinocchio) award, for the category of “toys built with plastic and metal with movement”. The space shuttle Fireball XL5 instead, was produced in the tens of thousands, upon demand of a large British client which, after the extraordinary international success of a TV series for children featuring the incredible adventures of colonel Steve Zodiac and his spaceship, requested the creation of an airborne plastic toy to be launched with a sling. This was an extremely fortunate marketing operation which made the Quercetti name even more famous worldwide, and gave its products international fame.