STEM or STEAM Toys | Quercetti




What does STEM mean? 

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and is used to indicate study courses and educational choices intended to increase competitivity in scientific and technological fields.

STEM toys are toys which give children a boost in learning the skills that are useful in those fields.
They are toys that introduce children to the world of science thanks to their real-world applications, and are defined as the perfect union between “learning” and “fun”... which are no strangers to Quercetti!

Quercetti educational toys, designed and made in Italy, have always been created using this approach. In fact, you won’t find a line of STEM toys in our catalogue because all Quercetti toys are STEM toys. Actually we use the term “STEAM”. 

Why does Quercetti prefer STEAM toys? 

We prefer to include the “A” which stands for Art, because we believe art is an indispensible discipline in a child’s development. Art in the broad sense of creativity, fantasy and aesthetics. In a word, ‘beauty’, which can be applied to any field to make the world a better place. 

We have always been STEAM! 

Playing is learning! This is the fundamental idea behind Quercetti toys. Many animals learn skills like hunting and interaction with others through playing, and in many ways the same is true for humans. Unfortunately, many of today’s toys are made for entertainment only. They are pointless, and only sell because they bombard children with advertisements (go to the page of Quercetti's Mission)

That’s why we think it’s time for a new label, a new trend, in order to contrast the growing trend of consumerism.
 Advertising is all well and good as a tool to inform parents about what toys are available, and if they encourage children’s interest in the world of science. This is especially true given the wide gap between women and men in science. 

Which is not to say that our children will all automatically become little chemists or engineers!
 Every child has the right to learn scientific disciplines in order to develop other abilities to best prepare them for the challenges of life, even everyday things, and this doesn’t oblige them to start a career as an engineer. Through playing, children discover their talents, and if they are properly stimulated, they will be able to grow up to be fulfilled and free women and men, with a critical mind and strong creative skills.