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Safety & Environment


We guarantee to all our clients that at Quercetti we feel the responsibility of being one of the few toy manufacturers left in Italy, so we make safety a top priority. We carefully check all phases of production according to the highest quality standards to ensure that our products comply with strict International safety regulations and last a long time. Also, before being shipped, all finished products undergo further in-house tests to certify correct functioning and packaging.


Quercetti is constantly committed to supplying safe non-toxic products using only certified materials. We are serious about the responsibility we have so all our products are tested by recognized external labs meeting the international toy safety regulations EN 71 part 1, 2, 3; ASTM; and CPSIA. We can even provide a Safety Assessment for any of our products. For all our printouts we use only FSC certified paper, made of pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) cellulose and recycled fibres: for a low environmental impact, the inks employed in our off-set printing process are vegetable-based and we make no use of isopropyl alcohol.


Our employees work in a safe and healthy work environment that meets workplace ergonomics policies as well as our strict national safety legislation.


Our production process has been designed to reduce all waste of Energy or materials at all stages. We support recycling and we are conscious about safely re-using materials. We always aim at keeping our production process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Symbols & Warnings legend

SAFETY (European Directive 2009/48/CE)

The symbol for “Not suitable for children under 36 months” is placed on all of our toys that are not designed for children under 3 years of age. It is accompanied by the word 'WARNING!', and a brief description of the danger involved is always given. For example “Small parts may be swallowed and/or inhaled, causing suffocation”. Minimum size: 10 mm in diameter.


The symbol 'CE' certificates that the toy conforms with European norms.

Minimum size: 5 mm high



The 'Green Dot' symbol indicates that the packaging can be recycled. It was introduced in 1991 in Germany, where a system of collection and disposal of packaging materials was set up. This system was then adopted by other countries of the European Community.


The 'Triman' symbol has been obligatory in France since 2015. Its aim is to raise consumer awareness about recycling raw materials by sorting waste packaging materials.