Mission | Quercetti




We have been manufacturing toys for children around the world for quite a long time. We try to do it as best as we possibly can, because we believe that the first years of a child’s life are critical for laying the foundation of all future learning—the skills and know-how that he or she will keep on building in life. Play has a fundamental value in the amazing development of early childhood.

This is why we always start by learning from kids first. We are fascinated by the way they relate to the world, by how they perceive time and space, and how they interact with the objects around them, having the ability to turn anything into a learning tool or see them through their imagination. We recognize the fact that kids’ games can often be a challenge to common sense.

We like to defy stereotypes by making toys that set creativity free, and we are never afraid to try new unprecedented connections between form and function. We are also aware that a well-designed and carefully manufactured toy will be easy and safe to handle for kids of all ages; they will consider it their own extension, and will always want to hold on to it, making it part of their life. This is what we try to achieve. We want to identify with the spontaneous nature of children who are free to play.


Our company considers the use of commercials directed to children under 12 years of age as unwise and not ethically correct. This is because we believe children should not be exposed to marketing operations that may induce irresponsible consumerism. Sweden has already adopted strict restrictions in its legislation regarding this matter, and it is in this respect that we like to consider ourselves more Swedish than Italian.