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Maria Montessori, our source of inspiration

Maria Montessori is the envy of the world - an Italian woman who brought radical innovations to the field of education and who has always been an important reference point for us.
The Montessori revolution began through observing children and with the intuition that all educational methods should respect the spontaneity of children, who are naturally predisposed to learning if left free to express themselves.
The child is at the centre, or rather, the child is the centre - this is the foundation of our corporate philosophy. Our only aim is to make children free, happy and independent by respecting their own pace and spaces.
Many schools have adopted the Montessori method, achieving great results through the use of "Montessori materials". These materials have an educational purpose and are made to be handled, but even toys can be used with a Montessori approach and can help achieve the same educational goals.
Most of our toys have always had the characteristics that form the basis of the Montessori method. We didn’t do it on purpose, we simply share the same idea that the child is at the centre and everything else comes second. Montessori has not only been a point of reference for us, but also a reassuring figure in our persistence of developing non-electronic toys, with no sound or lights. These can attract and "seduce" children at the moment of purchase but confuse and distract them while playing.
With the stubbornness and determination typical of the Piedmont people, we wanted to continue on our path, in the certainty that time would prove us right.
Now that creative play is once again highly valued, and the Montessori method is applied in over 60,000 schools around the world, people are finally realising children should not play passively, with games and toys designed for just one function. Rather, they should be free to re-interpret and re-invent them for infinite possible solutions.
Quercetti toys, such as pegs, have always been deconstructed and have been adopted by many Montessori schools.
There is so much more to learn, and we strive to do it with the perseverance and curiosity we are particularly noted for. In fact, we recently launched two new toy lines: "Gioca Wood", made of wood, the Montessori material par excellence; and "Gioca Green” which aims at bringing children closer to nature. With seeds that become plants, children start taking care of other living beings and learn another principle of the Montessori method, building tomorrow by loving today.