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How we work

Quercetti toys are instantly recognizable

Our toys are unique because they have a simple shape, with no unnecessary features. The details are deliberately left to the imagination of the children who play with them.

Our toys are usually bought by adults, but our prime concern is what a child needs to grow. Our toys, unlike several others on the market, don't play to the childishness of adults.

Quercetti toys are high quality toys. As they are an essential feature of childhood, and an instrument  contributing to a child's growth, it is important that parents make a careful selection of materials and intended use. Quercetti toys are the most suitable instruments to stimulate creative intelligence and logical thinking.
Parents have an obligation to enrich and broaden the horizons of their children with the right creative toys, appropriate for different levels of attention and dexterity, following the interests and the aptitude of every child. Quercetti toys are the toys you are looking for.
Playing is an artistic expression, and also an aesthetic one, so Quercetti toys are not only useful but also nice to look at.
We are a totally independent company that has always taken a stand against the standardization of toys on offer on the market. This means that our products really are different, and the solutions we adopt are innovative.
Our toys are 100% Made in Italy. We have been making creative toys in Turin for 66 years, and we continue to win several prizes every year, all over the world.
We use only high quality raw materials, so that our toys are safe, never break, and are always fun to play with.
Here at Quercetti, we put children at the centre of our daily commitment. Marketing comes second.
We are convinced that the dexterity of children is being undermined by the widespread availability of digital products. In contrast, our toys are supposed to be dicovered and handled, in order to stimulate all the senses and show that the world is 3-dimensional and not 2-dimensional.
We believe there are two types of toys. There are those that appear to be good toys in the advertisements or on the packaging, but in reality are only able to hold a child's attention for a few minutes. And then there are those that provide many possibilities for playing that keep a child involved for a long time without getting bored. Well, we are proud to say that Quercetti toys fall into the second category.
In order to make toys that children will play with for a long time, you have to literally try to get into their minds. This means having the utmost respect for their intelligence, their desire to learn, and their extraordinary abilities.
All the parts of our toys have bright colours with strong contrasts, so that they are easily distinguishible. We always try to make the components of our toys modular, in order to offer children a wide range of experiences, from problem solving games that illustrate complex causal relationships in a clear and simple way, to exploring phenomena of physics, and even experiments that liberate imagination and fantasy.
With all our toys, we try to surprise children, because being surprised makes learning easier, and helps them discover the laws that govern the world.