Tablet Premium

Lower Letters

The Tablet Premium Lower Letters is equipped with a blackboard with two magnetic faces writable and erasable. It allows you to attach magnetic letters, to write or draw.

Alter: 4+

€14 €24,90

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produkt information

Cod. 5352

A new line of blackboards, with two magnetic faces writable and erasable, innovative design without edges: the corners, very rounded, are also protected against shocks by colored rubber inserts that make it an absolutely safe and long-lasting object, childproof. The blackboard allows, therefore, to attach the letters magnetized on both sides, black and white, and to write or draw with dry-erased markers. The plastic components are flanked by magnetic cards made of sturdy cardboard that, thanks to carefully selected and illustrated drawings, correctly stimulate the composition of the first easy words.
Complete the rich set up a useful basket with handles to collect everything after playing, a practical accessory, to attach freely to the frame, to keep always ready to use dry marker and eraser, and finally the transparent feet that allow two distinct inclinations to the board both horizontally and vertically.

was enthaltet es

1 two-sided magnetic board with frame,1 case with handles, 2 transparent base supports, 1 dry-erase marker, 1 eraser, 12 magnetic tiles, 48 magnetic letters



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