Pixel Art 8 Take A Selfie

8 boards

Age: 9-99 years old


The selfie becomes Pixel Art! From the pixels of your smartphone to 9600 pegs to hang on the wall at home, it's very easy: just go to www.pixelartselfie.com, follow the instructions and you're done! Complete with frame, it looks like a real photograph seen from the right distance.


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product info

Take a selfie with the pegs and hang it up in the house like a painting. Framed and viewed from the right distance, it looks like a real photograph.
Try your hand, it's easy! 
Go to www.pixelartselfie.com and follow the instructions step by step.
1. Choose the size: 8, 16 or 24 tablets that you can make with 1, 2 or 3 Pixel Art 8 Take a Selfie boxes.
2. Upload the image: it can be a selfie or another image.
3. Print the boards after downloading the pdf.
4. Make your picture with pegs: cut out the cards, place them on the board and insert the pegs.

Cod. 0774

what's inside

1 Instruction manual
8 pegboards
9.600 pegs ø 4 mm in 6 colours

Educational Benefits

Creative Thinking

Manual Dexterity

Hand-Eye Coordination

Child Development


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