A glider to launch by hand and a propeller plane with elastic motor. Promises many hours of play in the open air in complete safety.

Age: 6-14 years old


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product info

Cod. 3585

This special gift set features a Hand Launch Glider and a Rubber Band Powered Propeller Plane: two of Quercetti’s best sellers that have been in production for over 40 years, amusing children and adults alike. They are fast and easy to assemble and launch: just connect the pieces and be ready to see some surprising flying evolutions. Newly refined details include: accentuated wing profile reinforced by decorative plastic stickers, adjustable wing tips with ballasts, landing gear with wheels that allow it to take off from the ground, and a propeller to wind up its mechanism. A great twin pack featuring two high quality and safe flying toys that guarantee hours of happy outdoor fun.

what's inside

2 fuselages (1 consisting of 3 parts)
1 propeller
1 shock-proof nose bearing
2 metal ballasts and 1 plastic ballast
4 rudder stickers
2 rudders
1 extra wing
2 reinforced wings
1 tail
1 rubber band

Educational Benefits

Manual Dexterity

Spatial Reasoning Skills

Child Development


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